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In His Own Words

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Watch Louie Bellson discuss his beloved mentor, Duke Ellington in “Reminiscing In Tempo.”

At the 1981 Bands of America Grand National Championship. Louie was featured performing with the U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps and co-hosted the TV broadcast.

While giving a clinic at the Hollywood Vintage Drum Show, Bellson is pleased to be reunited with his Billy Gladstone Custom Snare Drum.

(1995 & 2003)
Watch Louie Bellson in these two interviews by NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants -- Oral History Program.

Hear Bellson’s 8 extensive interviews as conducted by the Smithsonian Jazz Oral History Program, a part of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Louie Bellson is interviewed by Paul Chiaravalle, President of Chiaravalle & Associates at IAJE (Int'l Assn. for Jazz Educators) re: The Rich Matteson Foundation.

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. . . . Drummer . . . . Bandleader . . . . Composer . . . . Arranger . . . . Clinician . . . . Inventor . . . . Author . . . . Recording Artist . . . . Grammy Nominee . . . . NEA Jazz Master . . . . An American Legend . . . .

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New Bellson-related media


and the Music that Changed America.
By Jeff Kaufman (Film)

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THE CENTURY PROJECT - 100 Years of American Music
from behind the drums. By Daniel Glass (2DVD set)

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Sept 2018  Mrs. B @ Silicon Valley's Computer History Museum

From STEM to STEAM: How an Engineer Wrote a Play 

Screening of the science film Humanity Needs Dreamers: A Visit with Marie Curie. 9-7-18

Marie Curie (left) and Susan Marie Frontczak as Marie Curie (right)

The film was followed by a lively panel discussion – “From Stem to Steam” exploring the intersection of STEM and the performing arts—and why STEAM is vital in shaping global opportunities in the 21st century.

As panelist, Mrs. B, drew parallels between her life and Mme. Curie’s; as well as relating her (Mrs. B’s) Stem/Steam life transition from scientist to artist manager.  Panelists included:

Dale DeBakcsy, writer/artist for Women in Science, the Cartoon History of Humanism and Frederick the Great.  www.womenyoushouldknow.net

Susan Marie Frontczak, the film’s solo performer, engineer & playwright.  www.storysmith.org

Francine Bellson, physicist/engineer & wife/manager of jazz drummer Louie Bellson, the "Physicist & the Percussionist".  www.louiebellson.com

Jen Myronuk, the film’s producer & director, founder of Stem-On-Stage.  www.stemonstage.org


Oct 2017  Mrs. B speaks at M.I.T.!

At the screening of a new film “Humanity Needs Dreamers – A Visit with Marie Curie” Mrs. B details the many parallels between Madame Curie’s & her own beginnings of becoming a scientist while overcoming limitations, political, social constraints, etc.

Link to full story


Who is Mrs. B?

The Indomitable Mrs. Bellson

Mrs. Bellson, nee Francine Wright, was an Earlham/Harvard/M.I.T. educated physicist/engineer working in Silicon Valley (Calif.) when she met Louie Bellson on a Jazz Cruise in '91.  They married in '92.

They traveled the world, he performing and recording, and she selling and creating memorabilia for the gigs.  She eventually became his manager, publicist and photographer. She developed the document "Gig Guidelines" which Louie hailed as a godsend and was modeled after by other artists.

She produced Bellson's last two CDs, "The Sacred Music of Louie Bellson & the Jazz Ballet" and "Louie & Clark Expedition 2" on his Percussion Power label.



C.T. & L.B. collaborating on their last joint project: the album "Louie & Clark Expedition 2" (produced by Mrs. B).  The three are pictured here at the 2007 NYC recording session.




Subsequent to Bellson's Feb, 2009 passing, Mrs. B became archivist and manager of both the Louie Bellson and Pearl Bailey estates including handling royalties, permissions, etc.

Further, she has since returned to her Silicon Valley roots where she is active in engineering society, technical and faith activities.  She has tutored in physics and developed a math curriculum for her Church's Youth Writing & Math Skills Workshop.


The Physicist & the Percussionist

NOTE: Mrs. B was an Earlham / Harvard / M.I.T. educated physicist / engineer when she and Bellson married (1992).

Mr. & Mrs. Bellson developed a joint talk entitled, “The Physicist & the Percussionist" which they performed at school events nationwide.  An inspirational career presentation exploring the relationship between music and science, it was always enthusiastically received by both students and parents alike.


Mrs. B Unveils Memorials

Bellson Gravestone

WQAD-TV News story on May 20, 2010.  Unveiling of the Louie Bellson Monument in his boyhood home and final resting place of Moline, Illinois (Quad-Cities).  

Watch Newsclip  >>



Bellson Oil Portrait

Watch 4 min. video clip of Mrs. B at the unveiling of the stunning portrait of Louie Bellson by artist Michael Del Priore.  Chicago Drum Show coordinator Rob Cook presides (May 18, 2013)



Drum Wife #1

Mrs. B coined the term "Drum Wife" (and "Drum Mom") and created products bearing the name and clever byline (which can be viewed on the SHOP page).



Charts Offering

In collaboration with Bellson Librarian Albert Alva and Bellson Band Director Terry Loose, Mrs. B coordinated and made available for sale Charts of Louie Bellson Big Band Arrangements.  (see Charts page)




The Louie Bellson Legacy Channel on YouTube

(click image to access)

Mrs. B developed the YouTube Channel in 2015.  Now you can …

     + Listen to Bellson tunes (partial or entire albums) on YouTube.
     + Use these tunes (legally!) as soundtracks in YOUR videos of family/friends, etc.
     + Use these tunes to make YOUR video of Bellson compositions.

So, get your creative juices flowing and post your creations to YouTube!

Let us know at bellson_1@att.net . 




From time to time, Mrs. B will post links to miscellaneous articles/video clips readers will find interesting and inspirational.


Presentation on 30th Anniv. of Challenger Space Shuttle Tragedy

"Turning an Awful Memory into a Symbol of Hope"

Speech given by Francine Bellson at the Jan 14, 2016 meeting of the IEEE Silicon Valley Technical History Committee, San Jose, Calif.



Mrs. B remembers Challenger Mission Specialist Dr. Ronald McNair         Black History Month presentation at Emmanuel Baptist Church, San Jose, Calif. (2-7-16)


A touching animated tale of Challenger astronaut

Ronald McNair's early experience standing up to racism


Stanford Silicon Valley Archives Project
Video clip of Mrs. Bellson raising a question at the IEEE presentation on the Archives at the Dec 5, 2014 mtg, IEEE Silicon Valley Technical History Committee, San Jose, Calif.


Gershwin's "Rhapsody In Blue"

Bet you've never heard Gershwin explained like this!  Bellson, who knew Gershwin well, would heartily approve.


The Legacy Continues

At age 3, while watching a parade, little Louie Bellson pointed his finger at the drum section marching by, telling his father, "That's what I want to play!"

In my minds eye, I can picture that the next few months in the Bellson home must have been something like this:

We thank Andre's mom for sending this.                                             P.S. D'ja notice the shirt?

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  • "I never knew that you were Harvard/MIT educated. Well, no wonder Louie was so darn smart!" --B.M.
  • "You're a physicist!??? How completely interesting!" --H.S.
  • "Love that animation about Ron McNair and the library." --K.P.
  • "Thank you for all of your hard work and for sharing so much of Lou's work with all of us." --A.W.