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Watch Louie Bellson discuss his beloved mentor, Duke Ellington in “Reminiscing In Tempo.”

At the 1981 Bands of America Grand National Championship. Louie was featured performing with the U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps and co-hosted the TV broadcast.

While giving a clinic at the Hollywood Vintage Drum Show, Bellson is pleased to be reunited with his Billy Gladstone Custom Snare Drum.

Watch Louie Bellson in this lively interview by NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants -- Oral History Program.

Hear Bellson’s 8 extensive interviews as conducted by the Smithsonian Jazz Oral History Program, a part of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Louie Bellson is interviewed by Paul Chiaravalle, President of Chiaravalle & Associates at IAJE (Int'l Assn. for Jazz Educators) re: The Rich Matteson Foundation.

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. . . . Drummer . . . . Bandleader . . . . Composer . . . . Arranger . . . . Clinician . . . . Inventor . . . . Author . . . . Recording Artist . . . . Grammy Nominee . . . . NEA Jazz Master . . . . An American Legend . . . .

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THE CENTURY PROJECT - 100 Years of American Music
from behind the drums. By Daniel Glass (2DVD set)

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Sept 29 & Oct 2, NYC - New York Film FestivalTHE SAVOY KING, film about Chick Webb.

THE SAVOY KING: CHICK WEBB AND THE MUSIC THAT CHANGED AMERICA was picked by New York Magazine as one of "The Best Of The Fest" for the 50th New York Film Festival.  

And today, Thompson on Hollywood / Indiewire has a piece on Tuesday's screening and panel (Landmark Jazz Doc 'The Savoy King'), with a wonderful tribute to Norma Miller:
See more via the link, but to start: 
"The second best thing about this week's NYFF screening of The Savoy King: Chick Webb and the Music that Changed America might have been the audience -- a fire-hazard crowd of friends, family and jazz enthusiasts ready to laugh, hoot, and more than once, sing along to the music. But the first best thing was 92-year-old Norma Miller, a delightful presence both on film and live on-stage, where she joined director Jeff Kaufman for a lively but all-too brief Q&A."
"Chick Webb's story is one of perseverance through hardship and dogged dedication to artistic instincts, as the pint-sized musician achieved fame through an unwillingness to be bowed by physical handicaps and a refusal - regardless of the initial difficulties such a stance entailed - to compromise his vision of what his band, and sound, should be.

The director weaves an aesthetic tapestry that puts most likeminded non-fiction efforts to shame, so gracefully capturing the atmosphere of the 1930s swing scene that the film truly earns the term "immersive."

It's a comprehensive documentary that never feels like a school lesson, conveying the rollicking spirit of its subject with a liveliness and joy that elucidates how an artist might, as in Chick's case, give everything - including his life - for his art."
The Village Voice
"The Savoy King is a compelling blend of cultural and social history that shrewdly always keeps the music prominent in the mix. Although director-producer-writer Kaufman fully explores Webb’s many tribulations, it is a pleasure to revisit the early swing era in his company. Hip, sensitive, and thoroughly entertaining, The Savoy King is an obvious highlight of this year’s NYFF for jazz fans, but it is also highly recommended for general audiences."
- Libertas Film Magazine
"Two documentaries (at the NYFF)  featured deal with the indelible effect of music on culture and history.  I was particularly taken with The Savoy King: Chick Webb and the Music That Changed America . . . This wonderful documentary is put together with creativity and love. I hope it travels to many viewers outside of the festivals.
- Barbara Castro, The Whip
"The result of a labor of love, The Savoy King is an American adventure story about a man whose indomitable talent combined with an iron will." 
- Greg Thomas, The New York Daily News