Louie & Clark Expedition 2: CD
  • Louie & Clark Expedition 2: CD
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Louie & Clark Expedition 2 is a big band collaboration of drummer Louie Bellson and trumpeter Clark Terry, each an American jazz master in his own right. These “2” legends perform, improvise, mentor and lead a 17-piece big band on an adventure reminiscent of its namesake, the historic “Lewis and Clark Expedition” of 1803.

As composer, Bellson calls upon four capable arrangers including Tonight Show bandleader, Tommy Newsom. The opening four movements, The Chicago Suite, form the latest entry into a series of composer Bellson’s salutes to American cities.

Also of note is a delightful drum feature, Two Guys and a Gal, showcasing three drummers Bellson, Kenny Washington and Sylvia Cuenca. Liner notes written by historian and jazz advocate Nat Hentoff describe the music as a “…celebration of the human spirit that keeps regenerating itself.”

Label: Percussion Power
Producer: Francine Bellson (aka Mrs. B!)

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