Louie Bellson Centennial: LB100



July 6, 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of LOUIE BELLSON, the renowned drummer, composer, band leader and six-time Grammy nominee.

LB100:  1924 - 2024


Our Vision

To memorialize not only his enduring works, but also the man himself.  

Worldwide activities are being planned all year long.


For example, on July 6 (and throughout the year), bands and radio stations will feature Bellson music selecting from his numerous recordings.

The most notable live event will be the special Centennial Celebration of the annual Bellson Music Fest in his hometown of Rock Falls, IL on June 8.  For your convenience, here’s the link to the first press_release.

How will you observe LB100?  Tell us in the Guestbook where, as always, we encourage you to share your Louie Bellson experience.  Click/browse Guestbook  for Centennial tributes coming in.

Got Ideas?
Let us know so we can publicize through our BellsonBeat Newsletter.  Contact Mrs. B & the Bellson Beat.


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