Mrs. B Speaks at M.I.T. (her alma-mater)




At the screening of a new film “Humanity Needs Dreamers – A Visit with Marie Curie” Mrs. B had been asked to enhance the event with her presentation “Achievement Against the Odds” wherein she related her own beginnings of becoming a scientist while overcoming limitations, political, social constraints, etc.

Further, she explored her relationship with former MIT classmate Astronaut Ronald McNair and the NASA Challenger Space Shuttle story. 

And finally, referenced the career presentation she’d developed with late husband Louie Bellson, “The Physicist & the Percussionist.”

Produced by the living history film company “STEM On Stage,” the Oct 11 event was sponsored by the Kavli Institute and the Department of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass.

Mrs. B was quite moved that her talk was not only held in the Ronald McNair bldg., but also in the very same room where MIT physicist, LIGO Nobelist Rainer Weiss had just been honored the week before!

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Contact: STEM On Stage, Jen Myronuk <>

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